Reinventing plastic to mitigate environmental impact

Eco-Friendly Polyurethane Solutions

Polymuir's mission is to accelerate the industry transition to sustainable materials using algae. 


Polymuir's waterproof algae based coatings can be applied in various applications.

  Flexible Foams

Polymuir's flexible foams can be molded for many applications.


Polymuir's strong adhesive can be used to bond various types of materials.

  Rigid Foams 

Polymuir's rigid foams can be molded into any shape.

Our Mission


We enable others to be good stewards, preserving the planet through use of sustainable algae materials.


We are committed to planet preservation through reinvention of plastics. We continuously invest in technologies to ensure our products have great utility in applications and also degrade innocuously in the environment upon disposal.


We strive to educate individuals about the importance of algae in solving big issues regarding plastic waste, biofuels, greenhouse gas emissions, water purification, and food.

Preserving Our Planet

Inspired by John Muir

Meet Our Team

We are led by a team who constantly questions, thinks, and challenges to unlock creativity and innovation around every turn.

Brandon Bonilla

M.S. Polymers Science candidate and Coatings/Chemical Engineering.

Fabian Araujo

Business Administration candidate with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

John Grimes

Graphic and Web Design, and Aerospace Engineering candidate

Meredith Lee

Industrial engineering candidate, with an emphasis on Sustainable Production and Green Logistics. 

Enosh Reeder

Aerospace Engineering candidate with a concentration in Aeronautics and Systems Design.